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When you create a free account today, you can make as many videos as you want using our most popular Video Themes: Scrapbook and Outline.

If you want to use another Video Theme, you can get more in our Theme Shop. Once you own a new style, you can make unlimited 360p videos with it!

Videos are created by default in 360p - if you need a higher quality version, HD upgrades are available for $5.
Our HD Pass referral system still works, so you can win free HD Passes by inviting your friends.

For power users, we offer a Pro Plan for $39/month (or $25/month if you buy annually) that unlocks everything: all video styles, 360p and 720p export, white label videos, unbranded pages, text-to-speech…

Please let us know what you think of this new pricing structure, and start making videos now!


40.000 40.000 Likes

Thanks to all our Facebook fans we’ve reached 40.000 likes, here’s a Stupeflix video made with the style Comics, hope you like it :)

The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

Some of you may already know what the Video Assistant is about, some may not, so I thought a quick recap could help.

The Video Assistant is a free service Stupeflix offers to its users. If you connect your Facebook account and activate the Video Assistant it will start making videos for you.

The Video Assistant will make a video when:

  • new photos are added to your Facebook photo albums
  • to show you the photos posted by your friends during last week
  • to remind you what was happening a year ago.

You will receive an email when a new video comes out, you should get one about once a week.
You will know if the video was created by the Video Assistant, it is shown on the page of your video, above its name.

VideoAssistant4 The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

Videos made for you by the Video Assistant are in 360p, they can be shared, upgraded to HD, or edited. In order to download the video, you first need to either upgrade it to HD (720p), or edit it in a project to export it.

Of course the activation of the Video Assistant is up to you and we don’t publish videos on your wall without your consent.
You can choose to activate it or deactivate it under the menu “Your Account”.
You also have the option to share the video – or not – with your friends on your Facebook wall, that’s your call.

VideoAssistant The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

VideoAssistant3 The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

VideoAssistant2 The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

Send yourself a video from the past

Here is a fun idea to do on a rainy day or a lazy week-end, or I guess whenever you feel like it: write yourself an email that you will receive at a later date that you specify.
It’s a fun and free service from FutureMe.org.
I have tested it and received an email that I wrote myself four months ago, it was a complete surprise since, of course, I had completely forgotten about it!

My personal tip: add a link of a Stupeflix memory video you made!
You’re going on a vacation with your family next summer, send an email about the summer vacation that has just ended with the accompanying photo slideshow. You plan on meeting your friend in a couple of months, send along with your mail a fun film compiling pictures of you two. Expecting a rough time in your life, send yourself a nice message to cheer you up with an inspirational video to tell you how great you are. :)
You could use a video theme like 1901 for example to give it a retro look.
It’s a fun surprise and you’ll be delighted to find it in your mailbox!

Futureme Send yourself a video from the past

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…

So: you already did the nice restaurant, the jewelry, the flowers, the cute card with hearts, the easy smartbox gift and the vacuum cleaner (no I hope you did not!!!) so what about a change and something special and very personal: a video of your love.

Pick the best pictures and films of you and your Valentine, tell your story with words, show where you first met on a map, choose a nice music of our library or pick your favorite song from our computer: surprise her – or him – with this love video, a nice souvenir of your best memories…

Here’s one example of a nice Valentine’s video – made with Unreel: love, love, love… what else?

Beautiful videos every month of the year

January may not exactly be the nicest month of the year although… I believe it’s just a mindset because in the cold or under the rain, still there are beautiful things out there, beautiful videos waiting to be created…

Find the video theme that best fits the spirit of your pictures and videos, add text slides and captions to carry your message across, complete the scenario with custom transitions and a music from our music library or or your own choice.

For this winter beach video I’ve chosen:

  • Video theme: Tiles
  • Theme options: color filter “red and green”
  • Music: Echoes – “God Is An Astronaut” under Pop/Folk
  • Transitions: Blur, crossfade and cube transitions

But if you’re on the other hemisphere, in Australia for example, you may be able to make a great shiny, warm and sunny video!

20 great songs for your video

Of course you are probably thinking that your own music is much better than any of our tracks from our music library.
But remember those copyright issues? YouTube adds advertisements on top of your video if you don’t have a license and Facebook will simply delete your video if it uses copyrighted music.
So our music library is the best solution to keep you from all those troubles.

To help you choose, I have made a short selection for you of 20 cool songs from our music library.


  1. If I Was Your Father – Reclinerland in Pop/Rock
  2. Love Spell – Ryan Huston in Pop/Rock
  3. What It’s All About – Charles J Tan in Pop/Rock
  4. Time To Rock the Party – Siamese Sex Show in Urban
  5. New Skin Completed – Stephanie Schneiderman in Country
  6. Happy Days – Woody in Pop/Rock
  7. This Life – Ryan Huston in Pop/Rock
  8. Touchdown – Stephanie Schneiderman in Orchestral
  9. Epic – My Hero in Urban
  10. After all – The Rosenbergs in Pop/Rock


  1. Tiger Rag – Terry Waldo in Jazz
  2. A Moment in the Life… – Dax Johnson in Orchestral
  3. Peones & Coyotes – Stefano Mainetti in Orchestral
  4. Always On Time (instrumental) – Mnemonic Sounds in Electronic
  5. Cape Kiwanda – Samm in Orchestral
  6. Copic Cabana – McKenzie Stubbert in Orchestral
  7. Gavotte – Apollo Chamber Ensemble in Orchestral
  8. Song for Til – Wes Houle in Country
  9. Melancholy French Waltz – Mike Goudreau in World
  10. Nocturne In Blue – Samm in Orchestral

My personal favorite is “What it’s All About” by Charles J Tan that I’ve used for this summer video.
What’s yours?

Stupeflix meets Red Bull: Red Bull The Show

When the Stupeflix’s technology meets the Red Bull’s energy, this transforms into some cool videos: it’s Red Bull The Show!!!

Red Bull takes your Instagram pictures, pass them through the Stupeflix’s engine which integrates them in this impressive video: your pictures are the stars of the show!

Here some cool examples of what has been done in three countries, follow the links: US, Germany and Japan.

Best viral videos 2013

2013 is about to pass the torch to 2014!
If you’re curious to know all the important stuff that happened in 2013 Wikipedia or other websites can tell you all about it, but because we are about videos, we’ve decided to make a review in video! :)

Here for you a Top 13 of the best viral videos of 2013, ranked by most views on YouTube!
Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Snowflakes video theme: a Christmas video

Christmas is here and you probably have so much to do between shopping, cooking, preparing, decorating and cleaning up the house too :) So writing tones of Christmas cards may not be so much on your to-do-list right now.

So what about making a nice and sweet Christmas video using the video theme Snowflakes.

Snowflakes adds a nice winter feeling to your video with its personalized text slides and captions as well as snowy transitions.
You can add the special transitions of Snowflakes but also the basic transitions that you have in any other videos themes.
Here’s how it looks like:

Snowflakes Snowflakes video theme: a Christmas video

Hope you like making videos with this video theme, here is a small Christmas video poem for you: