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Legend iPhone app – animate text in video & GIF

The Stupeflix team is thrilled to announce the launch of a new iPhone app: LEGEND
Turn text into stunning animations!
Put your words in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh. In just 2 taps!
Perfect for Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp. Save video or GIF.

1. Write your text
2. Select a text animation style
3. Select a color/background style

- add a photo, or video, for background
- search for background images (thanks to Flickr)
- save video, or animated GIF, to Photo Library
- send autoplaying GIF in Messages conversations
- share video on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook…

- times, distances, percentages… each trigger a custom animation, try it!
- pull down the styles or effects screens to get a new selection
- Legend highlights hashtags, usernames, markdown
- Legend understands colors
- Legend animates numbers

Professional videos for fun or business promotion

For our power users the PRO plan of Stupeflix gives you many possibilities: to make videos for family, friends, vacations or other fun occasions or to use videos as a tool to promote your business, your organization your associations or your internet page!

Have a look at this nice promotion video for a cute DIY blog and e-shop called Fafaille Studio.
The page of the video is unbranded with a call-to-action button at the end of the video as well as the possibility to download the video!

This is what you can do if you switch to PRO:

  • Unlimited videos: in either 360p or 720p quality
  • All video styles, as well as 3 pro exclusive styles: Raw, Humble and Martini
  • 200MB upload
  • White label videos: no Stupeflix logo at the end of your video
  • Commercial licensing to advertise your business
  • 450 tracks cleared for business
  • Text-to-Speech voice-overs: a feature for Pro only
  • Unbranded pages: 5 generic domains and 4 designs to choose from
  • Call-to-Action button: drive traffic to your site with a custom button et the end of your video
  • You can find those options in your video page under the menu “Unbranded Page”.

    UnbrandedPage Professional videos for fun or business promotion

    The PRO plan costs $39 a month for a monthly subscription (or $25/month for a yearly subscription – a 36% discount).

    If you want to use Stupeflix to create videos that you will sell to other businesses, you’ll need the Reseller option: $59/month for a monthly subscription (or $42/month for a yearly subscription).

    Education plan: up to 100 students for FREE!

    We are very happy to announce that we have made a big change in our Education plan!

    Teachers can now create an account with Stupeflix and then activate for free the Education features: it opens up the possibility to have a Master account that has 100 accounts linked to it.

    You can apply to our Education Plan here. If your project is accepted, then you will see that you have now the option to “Manage your Students” next to your name on the top bar.
    There you can either add individual accounts or link a website domain.

    Once you have set up your account with your students, you can:
    - watch, edit or delete videos created by students
    - upgrade a member to teacher status so this person can also watch, edit and delete student videos.

    The EDU plan gives you the same advantages as the Personal Plan:
    * All video styles
    * Unlimited 360p exports
    * Private videos
    * Unlimited downloads
    * Save & manage videos in your account
    * HD upgrade option – $5/video

    EDU Education plan: up to 100 students for FREE!

    Replay 2.0 is live with a new iPad app, and a full redesign

    Replay banner 800px Replay 2.0 is live with a new iPad app, and a full redesign

    Replay video editor just launched on iPad.
    In a split-second, photos & videos from your camera roll come to life as a beautiful movie.

    Replay 2.0 brings a new iPad app, and a full redesign of the iPhone experience – see the press release below.
    We’re delighted to see Replay today as Best New App and new Editor’s Choice in many countries on the App Store!


    San Francisco, August 28th, 2014 -  A complete redesign on iPhone, and a new iPad app: Replay 2.0 is the new reference for video creativity on iOS.

    Replay 2.0, now a Universal App, introduces a new, heavily requested iPad app. “Ever since Replay debuted on the App Store, the #1 user request was to offer an iPad version. With Replay 2.0, iPad users can make amazing videos as fast as posting an Instagram photo, in a new app built to push the boundaries of video creativity on tablets”, says Jeff Boudier, Stupeflix co-founder.

    - In each of the 20 Video Styles, select the text font, filter and graphic style applied,
    - Edit your movie while previewing it, in the same screen.

    Replay 2.0 for iPhone is a complete reinvention of the app, with a bold, sharp new design, and a host of new features. With 2 New Video Styles, 50 new Style Variations, and a new birds eye editing view, Replay offers more than ever. “Videos are hard to make, and to make a great one you need to spend a weekend. Replay changes that – it’s instant to make something incredible, that will delight your friends and impress your Instagram followers”, explains Nicolas Steegmann, Stupeflix CEO.

    1.5 million people downloaded Replay, to instantly craft amazing movies of their life, from birth announcements, to travel diaries, and Ice Bucket Challenge videos. The Replay community is growing fast and loving it: the app is rated 4.6 stars globally on the App Store.

    Make a stop motion video

    What is stop motion?
    Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in increments while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement.

    All you need is to take the right pictures and Stupeflix will do the rest!

  • First imagine a scene and define the movements you want to make
  • Then take many pictures, one for each step.
  • Upload your pictures in the Stupeflix video editor
  • Define a custom duration for each picture, the smallest being 0.5 second (even if you choose 0.5 sec, the editor will display 1 sec, don’t worry, that’s normal)
  • Choose a video style that works nicely with stop motion: you can try Party, Comics, Outline or Classic for example.
  • Depending on the effect you want you can add Sharp Cut custom transitions between each photos.

    There you go, a fun video with stop motion effect is ready :) Made using Classic

  • Try more video styles!

    For all of you who are enjoying our free offer with two of our most popular videos styles Scrapbook and Outline, you now have the possibility to try out other video styles.
    You will get to use it for the preview of your video and if you like it, you can buy the style for $3, after that it stays in your account forever and you can make unlimited videos in 360p with it.

    If you want more because you make lots of videos either for yourself or for your business, you can go Pro for $39/month (or $25/month if you buy annually) that unlocks everything: all video styles, 360p and 720p export, white label videos, unbranded pages, text-to-speech…

    TryMore1 Try more video styles!
    TryMore2 Try more video styles!

    Manage Music and Volume of your videos

    Today I give you a little clarification on how to manage audio and volume in your video. Hope this helps.


    Each video can have two audio tracks which will start playing at the same time.
    An audio track can be a song chosen from our or your music library, or a voice-over file uploaded from your computer, or text spoken by a computer voice (Text-to-Speech PRO feature).

    The audio can be put either on the whole video or on a single element (text slide or picture for example).
    You can drag & drop the audio and text-to-speech from one place to the other (for example: from the global video to a specific element)

    MusicVolume Manage Music and Volume of your videos


    You can manage the volume of your global soundtrack (green bar), the text-to-speech (purple bar) but also of your video clips.

    Global Soundtrack:
    Click on the down pointing arrow at the right end of the green bar and choose “Edit”, there you will see the following options:

    • Volume from 0% to 200%
    • Option to “Lower the volume of other soundtracks when this one is playing”
    • Loop this soundtrack

    Click on the down pointing arrow at the right end of the purple bar and choose “Edit” to get the following options:

    • Enter the text that you want the computer voice to say
    • Change the computer voice
    • Volume from 0% to 200%
    • Option to “Lower the volume of other soundtracks when this one is playing”

    Video clips:
    Roll your mouse over the video clip in your timeline and click on the down pointing arrow that appears, there you can choose:

    • Volume from 0% to 200%
    • Option to “Lower the volume of other soundtracks when this one is playing”
    • Playback speed
    • Option to reverse the video

    Here is a small video showing you how I add audio and manage volume in a video.

    If you want to have 2 songs playing one after the other, have a look here

    New voices for text-to-speech

    We’ve added 3 new computer voices, you can now choose between:

    • Julie, Kate and Paul for American English
    • Bridget for British English
    • Violeta for Spanish

    We hope to add more languages so stay tuned!

    TTSnew New voices for text to speech

    Make unlimited videos for FREE!

    You wanted to make more videos, we give you unlimited free videos!

    Many of you asked us to keep making videos without starting a paid subscription… we listened!

    When you create a free account today, you can make as many videos as you want using our most popular Video Themes: Scrapbook and Outline.

    If you want to use another Video Theme, you can get more in our Theme Shop. Once you own a new style, you can make unlimited 360p videos with it!

    Videos are created by default in 360p - if you need a higher quality version, HD upgrades are available for $5.
    Our HD Pass referral system still works, so you can win free HD Passes by inviting your friends.

    For power users, we offer a Pro Plan for $39/month (or $25/month if you buy annually) that unlocks everything: all video styles, 360p and 720p export, white label videos, unbranded pages, text-to-speech…

    Please let us know what you think of this new pricing structure, and start making videos now!


    40.000 40.000 Likes

    Thanks to all our Facebook fans we’ve reached 40.000 likes, here’s a Stupeflix video made with the style Comics, hope you like it :)